#Childhoodisnotformotherhood is a YEF comapign aim at comabting the alarming cases of teenage pregnancy and early childhood marriage during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. This campaign is being carried out under the theme Childhood is not for Motherhood.

Why we do what we do

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent preventive measures like lockdown and the closure of schools, so many other problems soured in the local communities, the most affected being the teenagers, youths and women. It has led to serious problems like teenage pregnancy, early and unplanned marriage, drug abuse, domestic violence and extreme trauma. Some of the factors for the rise however, are deeply rooted in culture itself couple with the lack of sexual education for the young adolescents. We therefore felt it is our responsibility as Young People to response to challenges our communities are facing.

Our Interventions

We conducted a series of community dialogue bringing together teachers, community leaders and mentors to interact with the young people on risky behaviours, Adolescent health mentorship. In this forum local solutions are figured out and stories are shared to inspire young people for behavioral change. Our target is to reach out to about 500 Influential Teebagers who will act as agent of change for peer to peer mentorahip in their cycles.

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Digital Literacy Skills Training

This is a training Geared toward euipting schools teachers and refugee leader with digital liteacy skills so that they can use technological tools to find, use and share information while assessing the creditbility of information and understanding the important of pirvacy. The campaign was carried out under theme Digital Litreacy for Productivity, Collaboration and Privacy.

Why we do what we do

The refugee set up presents a very high level of digital illitreacy, on estimate about 98% do not how to use computers and the internet. This has deprivedthem of the access to global information and connections, Teachers and school children who used to rely on text books can no longer access them so we stood in the gap to to educate them on how to access resources digitally without relying on printed materials

Our Interventions

We conducted a week program on digital litreacy that targeted 15 teachers and refugees leaders, it was very impactful as the teachers are now able to source information online, download and watch tutorilas, share information via email and also connected to social media platform. This effort aim at digitizing education in rural community for global access to information.

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